2016 Wedding: the Dramatic Wedding Dress for Rustic or Classic Wedding

Wedding has always been an important moment in our life. However, there are many things to consider if we want to make successful wedding. The most important one must be the wedding dress. So, are you interested in wedding dress of 2016 wedding? Speaking about wedding in 2016, you can expect to see new designs that are so hot, unique, and dramatic. You can have high expectation of them. Let’s see how they are here.

Wedding Dress with Feather Finishes

One of wedding dresses that is recommended in 2016 wedding is wedding dress with feather finishes. If you choose rustic theme for your wedding, you can choose this wedding dress with ostrich feather skirts. Its light brown tone seems classic to see. It would have suited to ranch-styled wedding. Being classic can even look elegant as well. Well, there are many wedding dresses like that.

However, if you want to look more feminine, you can choose the one with long skirt touching the floor. Choose the one without sleeves but with loose straps slipping down from the shoulders. Beads waistline and ostrich feather around it will play the dramatic role for the simple single-colored dress. If you use this 2016 wedding dress, you will definitely look hotter and more unique. Classic style in 2016 wedding sure can look unexpectedly amazing.

Wedding Dress with Stone-Washed Shades

The other wedding dress recommended in 2016 wedding that the writer wants to tell you here is wedding dress with stone-washed shades. So, what is so good about this one? Basically, this dress looks like the common wedding dresses with bead accessories in certain pattern. Sometimes, it can be just a plain dress with sash tied in ribbon. But, wouldn’t it be just the usual wedding dresses we keep encounter anywhere? Don’t worry! It is not a dress that would make you disappointed.

Well, it becomes part of 2016 wedding gowns not for nothing, you know. It is designed with stonewashed shades. Stonewashed dress is practically a dress made to lose some of its color to make it look older. So, this dress sometimes can be soft gray, bluish glow, etc. Just like the wedding dress above, this one is also good for classic-styled wedding. Even in such style, you can always look charming with dramatic tone on it. Wedding dresses of 2016 wedding sure are interesting.

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