Bridal Jewelry in Accordance with the Dress

Bridal jewelry is one important element in a series of wedding dress to give the impression of luxury. Selection of bridal jewelry that is worn by a bride on her wedding day should be adapted to many things, one of which is adapted to the shape of a wedding dress. Although each year appear accessories that become a trend, but these accessories should still be adjusted to the shape of the dress that you choose. The following is an explanation of the bridal jewelry according to the shape of the dress.

Rounded Neckline Dress

The right choice of bridal jewelry for a dress that has a rounded neckline is strand choker without pendant of pearls or other material. Necklace with a length between 36 and 40 cm can also be used as an alternative. Alloy of this necklace is pendant earrings made of pearl or other material. If your wedding theme is still associated with luxury and elegant appearance, you could also add great on this necklace pendant.

V Neck Dress

The beauty of a dress with a V-shaped neck will be more visible when you combine it with the bridal jewelry such as V-shaped necklaces or spherical plain necklace with pendant decorated. In addition, the Y-shaped necklace is also beautiful when paired with V-neck wedding dress. The fancy necklace with pendant is suitable for use by the bride and groom for a wide variety of dresses indeed. For the length, you can choose a necklace that measures 43 by 50 cm.

Strapless Dress

Dress in strapless models now is widely used as a wedding dress. This dress can manipulate the shape of the body that is less than perfect. You do not need to bother choosing the right bridal jewelry for this strapless because it is basically perfect to be paired with various types of necklaces. Even so, some bridal bride would suggest matching this dress with a necklace in type of collar with Victorian models, in a length ranging from 30 to 35 cm. This necklace will be more luxurious when paired with a pendant that hung down.

High-necked Dress

High-necked dress has its pluses and minuses when dealing with bridal jewelry, especially necklaces. Basically, wedding dress with a high neck collar does not require accessories to beautify the appearance. Instead, you can embellish the dress top with sequins or other decorations so that the dress does not look empty. If you do not like sequins, you can wear a long Opera necklace that hung until the chest.

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