How to Choose Right Wine for Wedding

When you get your wedding party you must give attention in all of the things that your wedding party need. You must complete all of your wedding party need in good preparation to make your wedding party in perfect result. One thing that become little thing but you must give your attention is about your wine for wedding. This one thing must you prepare in good preparation to make your wedding party in complete perfectly.

Wine for wedding look like only a simply thing in your wedding party but without you prepare in good preparation can make your wedding party become worst party. Wine will consume for your guest invitation, with that you must give attention in your wine to make your guest in satisfied with your wedding party. The ways to choose your wine use for wedding can you do with depend on some of important thing. With that you will get your best wine for your wedding party.

Evening Dress Malaysia

Evening Dress Malaysia


How to choose right wine for wedding

You must give attention in some of important thing first before you are decides about your wine for wedding party. First thing that you must give your attention is about how much your guest invitation. You must make sure that your wine is enough to give for your entire guest. To make your wine for wedding is enough, you need to order your wine in remain from your guest invitation. With that, you can get your back up.

Second thing that you must give your attention when you are choose your wine for wedding is about the quality from your wine. Wedding party is important party in your life. You must choose your wine in best quality to make your guest in satisfied. You can choose your wine from the famous branded or store and you will get best quality from them. Although you will get your wine in little expensive but it can make your guest in satisfied with your wedding party.

Wine for wedding party must you make in best quality to make your guest can satisfy. But sometime some of you won’t to wistful your money. It can be your consideration how to choose your wine for wedding. You can choose your wine in suitable with your budget. You can find your wine in suitable but still make your guest in satisfied. With choose your wine depend on three important thing off course you can get best wine use for your wedding party.

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Evening Dress Malaysia

Evening Dress Malaysia


Best Wedding Makeup Malaysia Artists

wedding makeup Malaysia

wedding makeup Malaysia

Makeup is very important, especially for women. So, when a woman wants to get married, wedding makeup becomes a must. In Malaysia, there are many wedding makeup artists. You do not need their quality because they have proven that they are trusted. You should trust your wedding makeup to wedding makeup artists because they have professional staffs. So, they prioritize the clients’ satisfaction. In this article, I will share recommended artists of wedding makeup Malaysia.

Kelly Ngiam

One of the best artists of Malaysian wedding makeup is Kelly Ngiam. She is very interested in makeup since she was teenager. Then, she becomes a professional freelance of makeup artist Malaysia. She lives in Penang, one of the cities in Malaysia. She offers the simple, natural, nude, and light makeup. She also uses best brands of makeup tools, brushes, eye shadows, foundation, cosmetics, etc such as Shu Uemura, Maybelline, Mac, Bobbi Brown, Channel, etc. That is why she is considered as one of the best makeup artists for wedding makeup Malaysia.

Grace Wang

The second recommended Malaysian wedding makeup artist is Grace Wang. She is able to make their clients more beautiful with her makeup. She has a mission to make the brides more beautiful and feel more confident in wedding. There are many brides that have proven the quality of her makeup. That is why she can be considered as one of the best artists for wedding makeup Malaysia. She uses best world makeup products such as RMK, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown, Lancome, Kryolan, Mac, etc. Then, she also offers various makeup techniques such as pre-wedding makeup, ROM makeup, bridal makeup, etc.

Barry Wong

Then, there is also male wedding makeup artist Malaysia. His name is Barry Wong. He started his profession as a professional makeup artist in 2012. However, now he has so many clients. He focuses on the dressing, accessorizing, haircut, hair styling, and makeup. He is addressed in Penang and most of his clients are brides. That is why he is recommended for you who look for wedding makeup Malaysia.

Aivy Yong

Another recommendation is Aivy Yong. She is one of the one of the pioneers of wedding makeup artist with Air brush makeup method. She offers the artistic, classy, simple, and elegant wedding makeup. Besides that, she also offers hair styling, dressing, accessorizing, and other fashion related to wedding. Anyway, she is recommended for wedding makeup Malaysia. So, you can choose one of the wedding makeup artists above.

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Wedding Gown Malaysia

Wedding Gown Malaysia


The Special Ethnic Wedding Fashion Malaysia and the Elite Party

The world of fashion in Malaysia is dominated by the vintage style. That happens too in the world of the wedding fashion Malaysia. Because of that, it is really interesting for people to look into the fashion style relating to Malaysian style. The touch of the ethnic fashion will increase the amazing appearance of the wedding time. That becomes the main offering from Malaysian style of wedding fashion. The ethnic style is near in style with the traditional or the cultural style too.

Based on that reason, the wedding fashion Malaysia becomes one of the most popular wedding fashions too in the world. The variations of the choices to be used during the wedding time can reduce the bored feeling too from the whole appearance of the wedding. Not all of the wedding fashion can give the benefit like this one. To gain all of the purposes, the simple understanding about its whole characteristics will be needed.

The Special Characteristics of the Wedding Fashion Malaysia

For the modern people in Malaysia, proposing the idea about special wedding fashion Malaysia can be started by proposing the cultural wedding style. It becomes more interesting today for the people because of the uniqueness aspect proposed through it. The modern fashion can give the elite sense easily but since it is too often to be used by nowadays people, some people then like to avoid it. It can make the bored feeling of the wedding as the usual one.

The cultural wedding fashion Malaysia includes some details of the wedding. The wedding dress can be found in the form of the satin or silk material use for making the vintage style in whole. Then it can be combined with the use of the special vintage wedding ring too. The other interesting aspect from this fashion style is that it can be composed in the simple budget prepared. You do not need to prepare the great budget for implementing it today.

However, you also can make the sense of the luxury wedding through this cultural wedding fashion Malaysia. That can be implemented by proposing the idea about the wedding party with the combined modern style. This idea is commonly supported too by holding the wedding in the elite venue that is decorated in the classic style. The combination between the old and modern style like this one can create the perfect harmony of the wedding.

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Wedding Dress Malaysia

Wedding Dress Malaysia


Car Decoration for Modern Car

Having your car customized will make you look much better because you have your own touch inside what you are riding. Now, I will give you some tutorials for your car decoration with modern theme. Here I will tell you the biggest or the main decoration for the modern car and you can mix the way I decorate with your own way of decoration so you will have an original design in your decoration for car. The decoration will not be cheap so you better prepare you money for it.

How to Decorate Car in Modern Theme

Now, we should find the best car decoration that we can put in the car. First, for the modern touch in the outside, you better put a wings tail in the back of the car. Wing tail brings a strong modern and sporty appearance in your car. Then, you can make the headlight to be a great headlight with crystal-like headlamp. When your car has been decorated with that headlamp, it is lucky for you because you do not have to spend more money for buying those headlamps.

Then, the next decoration will focus in the inside of the car. The car decoration will be started from finding the best seating for the car. The best seating is best when it is upholstered with fine upholstery. Leather or other great fabric for the car will add wonderful decoration of car. The wonderful thing comes when the upholstery makes the ride become comfortable. Commonly, upholstery can make an itchy feeling in our butt and it will make your ride less concentrated and bring more danger in your ride. Then, you can add some wood-like appearance in the door or handle for transmission and break for classic taste.

Then, the next step is adding technology for your car decoration. Technology is important to be added in modern design because modern design should be sophisticated. You can add some LCD and Digital players in the car to make the car get more entertaining. Adding super sound system inside the car will add a strong entertaining and glamorous sense in the modern theme.

Those are some way for decorating a car decoration with modern design. It is up to you for the placement because I believe every car has its own place that can be customized. You just need to make the decoration car to be a great design when you follow what thing that should be placed for modern design.

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car decoration


Bridal Jewelry in Accordance with the Dress

Bridal jewelry is one important element in a series of wedding dress to give the impression of luxury. Selection of bridal jewelry that is worn by a bride on her wedding day should be adapted to many things, one of which is adapted to the shape of a wedding dress. Although each year appear accessories that become a trend, but these accessories should still be adjusted to the shape of the dress that you choose. The following is an explanation of the bridal jewelry according to the shape of the dress.

Rounded Neckline Dress

The right choice of bridal jewelry for a dress that has a rounded neckline is strand choker without pendant of pearls or other material. Necklace with a length between 36 and 40 cm can also be used as an alternative. Alloy of this necklace is pendant earrings made of pearl or other material. If your wedding theme is still associated with luxury and elegant appearance, you could also add great on this necklace pendant.

V Neck Dress

The beauty of a dress with a V-shaped neck will be more visible when you combine it with the bridal jewelry such as V-shaped necklaces or spherical plain necklace with pendant decorated. In addition, the Y-shaped necklace is also beautiful when paired with V-neck wedding dress. The fancy necklace with pendant is suitable for use by the bride and groom for a wide variety of dresses indeed. For the length, you can choose a necklace that measures 43 by 50 cm.

Strapless Dress

Dress in strapless models now is widely used as a wedding dress. This dress can manipulate the shape of the body that is less than perfect. You do not need to bother choosing the right bridal jewelry for this strapless because it is basically perfect to be paired with various types of necklaces. Even so, some bridal bride would suggest matching this dress with a necklace in type of collar with Victorian models, in a length ranging from 30 to 35 cm. This necklace will be more luxurious when paired with a pendant that hung down.

High-necked Dress

High-necked dress has its pluses and minuses when dealing with bridal jewelry, especially necklaces. Basically, wedding dress with a high neck collar does not require accessories to beautify the appearance. Instead, you can embellish the dress top with sequins or other decorations so that the dress does not look empty. If you do not like sequins, you can wear a long Opera necklace that hung until the chest.

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bridal jewelry


2016 Wedding: the Dramatic Wedding Dress for Rustic or Classic Wedding

Wedding has always been an important moment in our life. However, there are many things to consider if we want to make successful wedding. The most important one must be the wedding dress. So, are you interested in wedding dress of 2016 wedding? Speaking about wedding in 2016, you can expect to see new designs that are so hot, unique, and dramatic. You can have high expectation of them. Let’s see how they are here.

Wedding Dress with Feather Finishes

One of wedding dresses that is recommended in 2016 wedding is wedding dress with feather finishes. If you choose rustic theme for your wedding, you can choose this wedding dress with ostrich feather skirts. Its light brown tone seems classic to see. It would have suited to ranch-styled wedding. Being classic can even look elegant as well. Well, there are many wedding dresses like that.

However, if you want to look more feminine, you can choose the one with long skirt touching the floor. Choose the one without sleeves but with loose straps slipping down from the shoulders. Beads waistline and ostrich feather around it will play the dramatic role for the simple single-colored dress. If you use this 2016 wedding dress, you will definitely look hotter and more unique. Classic style in 2016 wedding sure can look unexpectedly amazing.

Wedding Dress with Stone-Washed Shades

The other wedding dress recommended in 2016 wedding that the writer wants to tell you here is wedding dress with stone-washed shades. So, what is so good about this one? Basically, this dress looks like the common wedding dresses with bead accessories in certain pattern. Sometimes, it can be just a plain dress with sash tied in ribbon. But, wouldn’t it be just the usual wedding dresses we keep encounter anywhere? Don’t worry! It is not a dress that would make you disappointed.

Well, it becomes part of 2016 wedding gowns not for nothing, you know. It is designed with stonewashed shades. Stonewashed dress is practically a dress made to lose some of its color to make it look older. So, this dress sometimes can be soft gray, bluish glow, etc. Just like the wedding dress above, this one is also good for classic-styled wedding. Even in such style, you can always look charming with dramatic tone on it. Wedding dresses of 2016 wedding sure are interesting.

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2016 wedding